Coed Varsity Track · Breakout day for VP Track at 63rd Caviness

Records, PR’s and gutsy performances ruled the day at the 63rd RF Caviness meet for VP Track and Field. Lets start with the gutsy. Ive never seen at 4x800m called back…..over the loudspeaker…..300m in…. but it happened to our burgeoning 4x8oom relay team. Actually this week they were a 3x800m relay team. Down a man the 3 others, Jordan, Ethan and Ceasar still decided to go out and put in some work despite not having a 4th leg. It takes guts to go run knowing the moment you start a DNF is coming but knowing that the work and experience is vital at this point in the season.

Sometimes I’ll walk by an athlete and just ask, “Can I get a PR today?” Simple as that I just ask. I asked Kaya and she delivered placing 9th overall with a .1 of a second improvement. She was right behind 8th place finisher Mikayla Jones. On the boys side it was Dylan Jackson with a PR of 12.01 and Jaden Ford with a .07 improvement for a PR.

Coaches love kids like Andrea Burba. Been coming out each season having fun, working hard and growing. Never complains never falters no matter what the results which she will be first to admit were sparse at the beginning. Finally in her senior year her commitment to herself the sport and her team are showing up in varsity results. Each week she has been quietly picking up team points and this week it was a 3rd place in the 1600m. Coaches love stories like hers because she does it for the love of it all. Also in the 1600 with a 3 second PR was Ethan Moore. Ive had the pleasure of running with him during a workout session and he is another athlete who comes out, contributes and works hard.

In the girls 4x100m relay it was Morris, to Jones, to Evans to Branch with a seasons PR of 50.3 which is the second fastest time in school history. It is very possible that they may break the school record as they build familiarity with their new handoffs and strategic use of the zones. They placed 2nd overall. The boys 4×1 of Dylan, Jason, Sammy and Rashawn placed 6th overall.

Getting back to the gutsy it was the quartermilers who had some excellent performances midway through the meet. Sophia D placed 9th overall with the strongest run yet of her season and Jason Vaughn also had a very strong finish in his 400m season debut at the varsity level. It was Sammy Kane though who finished 8th with a huge .6 PR and dipped into rarefied air as he is now only .8 away from cementing his name on the school record board.

The 5th place finish was impressive but what was more impressive was the 9….no not .9 tenths… not .09 hundredths……YES 9 whole second PR for Tristyn D in the 800m. Like really, who drops 9 seconds off in a weeks time?

In the 200m it was Lainey Morris with a .6 PR that placed her 6th overall. Morris is an excellent relay contributor but is now finding herself doing very well in the open events. Jaden Ford also had  nice PR in the 200m of .8 and is on the cusp of running under 26″.

In the final relay of the day it was Tristyn, Andy, Kaya and Sophie who ran to a 4th place finish overall. Ill close out things with not the relays but the field events as we had some great performances and a a big toss out in the throws.

Raina Branch won the high jump setting a new meet record with a jump of 5′-6.5″ but she wasnt done as she hustled off to the long jump finals where she finished 4th overall with a jump over 17′ and over a foot PR propelling herself to qualifying for a second jumping event for the state championship.

Mikayla Jones finshed 5th in the triple jump but it was, suprise surprise Ione Dixon picking up her first ever varsity points with a 7th place finish and 5 and a half inch PR after an inch PR in the long jump earlier. Sophie D was also on that PR train as she had a 7 inch PR in the triple jump.

Ashiah Sides placed 4th in the discus to continue her streak of good throws. The real story however was Raven Branch, yes we have two sets of sisters on this team, who had a 14 foot PR and finished 5th making her first ever final. The discus PR’s didnt stop there as Justin and Donovan placed 8th and 9th both making the final. Justin had a 2 foot PR and Donovan a MONSTER 32 foot PR. What the……..32 foot PR….WOW.

In the boys shot it was Justin making the final and finishing 4th overall. On the girls side Alyssa had an almost 3 foot PR making her first final and finishing 9th. The story of the day though was another 3 foot PR that started the day before with some mismatched socks.

Yes I wear mismatched socks when I feel like some good vibrations are coming our way. I told Mikayla Jones I felt like something big was coming on Friday at practice and by golly it did. Jones wasnt satisfied with her sister owning a school record from the week before so she had to go out and get one herself. Jones not only made the final and had a 3 foot PR but she cemented herself in school history with a school record on the way to winning her first ever final in the shot put.