Coed Varsity Track · Pomona dishes snow, sun, & early exit

Colorado’s bipolar spring weather strikes again!! Fear of bad weather cancelled Friday’s prelims and of course Friday was fine. Fast forward to Saturday morning which saw a squall of snow push in and linger for over an hour.

With the weather making things frigid the only sprinter to take to the track was Kaitlen Schroeder in the 100mh. According to her the white hurdle barriers against white blowing snowflakes were hard to pick up as she approached them. Talk about snow blindness!!

In the field Mikayla Jones hopped stepped and jumped through snowflakes in the triple jump while Raina Branch leapt her way to the top of the high jump standings.

The 4x200m relay team of Branch, Morris, Jones, and Evans were the lone relay of the day placing 5th before we called it a meet for track athletes. The weather won out in the morning.

The sun did make an appearance which allowed Mikenzie Jones, Ashiah Sides and Justin Acosta to get in their throws in the shot and discus. Acosta had a very nice first round throw in the shot over 40′ and Sides 3rd round throw saw her make a nice season PR of 88′.

Here’s to hoping we dont see any of this type of weather in May when we return for the state championships!!!