Coed Varsity Track · Pandemonium on the Plains: VP Track&Field

Vista Peak track and field returned to the eastern plains for the 55th Annual Warren Mitchell Invite after a 5 year hiatus and made the most of it!

Other than some early morning breezes we finally had a good weather day out on the plains of Limon, CO. There was so much action from the VP athletes that I hardly know where to begin. I guess I have writers block. Speaking of blocks or better yet barriers I think a good place to start would be with Kaitlen Schroeder in the 100mh. Lets just say she went from, “Coach I’m really running this event TODAY”, to “Coach I made the FINAL”, to “Coach how’d you like that 3rd place overall finish?”

From those early on points in the hurdles the floodgates never closed. The morning session just kept getting better with DeeeeFlip and Jaderris both qualifying for the finals of the 100m guaranteeing points on the boys side. On the girls side it was Mikayla Jones winning her preliminary heat and qualifying to the finals. Jones didnt stop there because she had already made the final of the triple jump where she place second……and broke the school record. Did I mention it was her first ever time doing the event.

I dont want to sound like a broken record but Kaitlen Schroeder and Tuz Enriquez also broke the school record in the javelin as well. Schroeder placed 7th in the event adding to her daily point total. Since I’m talking about records I want to go on the record stating that the girls 4x200m relay of Branch to Morris, to Evans to M. Jones also broke the meet record by 5 seconds……VP did a whole lotta record smashing.

In the field the other M. Jones that would be Mikenzie Jones made the final of the discus placing 9th as did Justin Acosta in the shot put who placed 6th overall. Our throwing crew just keeps getting stronger with each week. I asked them earlier that morning for some field points and they said coach we will get you some. Raina won the high jump but you can count on that like you can count on the sunrise in the east.

Jaderris and Raina rounded out the sprints in the morning session with both qualifying for the final. The middies closed out the morning led by the boys 4x800m relay of Ethan, Jordan, Will and Terron placing 8th overall. Then their coach ran the 1600m masters race…….wait no not me I run 4’s and 400 hurdles I dont run no dang miles…..Im talking about none other than coach Hill. She donned the VP blue and place first with encouragement and splits from her distance crew.

After a short break moving in the afternoon session the VP boys and girls were looking good in the team rankings with the boys hanging around 10th place and the girls around 3rd place. However that was going to change very soon starting with the 100m finals.

There is nothing like a friendly team battle to motivate you right. Carr has been leading the way in the sprints this spring and was the top VP qualifier in the prelims. However in the final Flip Flipped the script finishing 3rd with Carr taking 4th.

The two footballers turned sprinters would team up another footballer in the 4×1 with Rashawn Brown and Dylan Jackson to have a dramatic come from behind win. The boys werent done as they Dylan, Sammy K, Rashawn and Carr also rolled big in the 4x200m relay taking the win. Almost brought tears to my eyes….two sprint relay wins on the boys side!

The girls 4x200m relay of Branch to Morris to Evans to MMMMMMM JONES! had a 3om lead and took it to the house breaking the meet record by 5 seconds.

We had 2 top 20 finished in the 1600m with Ethan and Ceasar going 19th and 20th and on the girls side we picked up what coach terms as “Soul Snatching” points as Andy Burba placed 6th overall. She wasnt done picking up points as she was joined by Tristyn D in the 800m. Burba placed 6th and a late surge by Dipentino as coach “Yelled run like you want in now”, pushed her to a 4th place finish. Jordan Stewart also ran with some early and then late surges in order to place 8th in the 800m with a smartly run race.

The girls 4×1 consisted of Ione, Kaya, Sophie and Kaitlen. Dont tell them they didnt have firepower because they placed 5th overall and got their team more of those “Soul snatching” points. If you want to know what a good handoff looks like take a look at the photo of Ione to Kaya.

I gotta pause a moment to take a breath……………………

…………Ok Im back and ready to talk about the best athletes out there….thats right the quarterhorses….the thoroughbreds……the quartermilers! Sammy Kane and Lainey Morris were back and ready to run a open 400m after a long break between their last runnings of the event open. Kane dropped a 53 mid and has his sights on breaking the school record soon, you heard it here first. Morris not only came in under 65 but also ran out of the slow heat and bumped a whole lotta girls in the fast heat who thought they were gonna place higher. Morris took 3rd overall.

In the 200m Carr who advanced to the final placed 5th overall after a long days work. Branch who also had previously put in a lot of work won the 200m executing the plan of how to run prelims and have enough for the finals beautifully.

Caesar was our lone 3200m runner and had a good top 10 finish placing 1oth overall with a valiant effort.

It all comes down to the drama of the 4×4. There is a reason its last and a reason you need hardened soldiers ready to go to war and fight like the honey badger of the African plains….or like the American badger of the Colorado plains.

Up one point in the team title scoring 74 – 73 the VP ladies Branch, Jones, Evans and in her first anchor duties Morris were ready for one last battle. After overhearing a little “Jawing” the questions was well “What are you gonna do about it? At VP we run the 4×4 thats our thing and this is our meet to win so speak back on the track.” When Morris hit the 300m mark there was nobody in the frame and the ladies secured the meet title with a whopping 84 points.

The boys weren’t far behind as they racked up enough points, 45, for a 6th place finish overall. Yall Im tired and coach cant type another wo………..