Coed Varsity Track · 1st Tune up Meet a Success for VP Track

On Tuesday the Bison thundered onto the track with some good performances in front of their coaches watchful glare.

With the meet being moved up a day to take advantage of the good weather before the high plains “Blizzardgeddon” rolls in, the team set out to finally run some full distances and get one more evaluation in before the first true varsity meet.

This will probably be the shortest article of the season because I’m not going into “Who” did what individually but rather “What” I saw in general and where we go from here. I saw things like returning athletes sync up with a good relay exchange even though we haven’t had time outside due to weather to really start working on relay exchanges fully yet. I saw incoming freshman and sophomore first timers who actually listened to my pre meet directions and followed through on their own.

I saw two first time jumpers have some early success with the long jump with minor instruction. I saw two returning high jumpers and take to a new and more advanced approach and have some excitement to learn even more. I saw a lot of sprinters and runners give effort, compete hard and have fun doing it. I saw distance runners effectively run with strategy. I saw throwers work on that perfect launch trajectory and footwork. I saw teammates having fun together and supporting each other…..somebody send me that picture I photobombed….coach was posing hard!

I saw so many good things but more importantly I heard some great things. I heard directly from athletes who pushed themselves but said, “Coach I’m not satisfied with that”, “I’m not there yet but I want to be better”, “I felt good”, “I like that race but I need to learn more about how to effectively run it”, “You were right coach those relaxed and strong mechanics did help me over the final 100m”, “Coach next time can I try _____”, “Coach I think I’m hooked on this track thing”, “Coach I was nervous but I had fun”, “Coach I’m not playing with these kids out here”, “Coach I was afraid, but next time”, “Coach we got something special brewing here!”

We have a lot to do and a short time to do it in. This season will be winding down before we know it so lets focus in now and really come together to write our 2019 VP Track & Field story. What will you contribute to the narrative?