Coed Varsity Track · VP Track & Field: Week 1 Recap

With our first week of spring track and field completed two things are evident. The boys team has swelled in size and ladies team has added some new pieces.

The team was lucky enough to have some decent early spring weather which afforded us the opportunity to get outside a couple days in order to train. So what were we up to in those first 5 days of the season? Well we had to quickly learn how to divide and conquer with the extra numbers so far this season.

We went right to whats most important…..SPEED. It takes time to learn proper acceleration and sprint mechanics. So we hit the gas pedal and started working through the process of speed development. By day 5 not only were they probably hearing the word “Dorsiflexion” in their sleep but most of them were actually doing it much better. We got to get rid of that dreaded “Dancer Toe Point”!! This aint Swan Lake!

Our distance crew has been out with coach Hill doing their thing and working on aerobic work and intervals. Lets not forget Coach Ward has been implementing his throwers program with “Skunk Works” like secrecy. I cant wait to see our throwers group in action.

Friday saw our group face their first challenging workout in the lactic zone. We put in some good work and even had a “Flex Off” to celebrate. You’ll have to check the twitter feed for that pic. We have two more weeks before our first varsity competition and were not letting our foot off the gas. We’re having fun and running fast!