Coed Varsity Track · Data Track-ing is Fly

Data Track-ing….see what I did there…oh never mind.

Anyway we collect data at certain points throughout the season so athletes can track their growth. We can tell them they are doing well until we are blue in the face but there is nothing like hard numbers in black and white that they can see.

One of the various “tests” we do is a Fly test. Normally we do 2-3 reps and then take an average. I dont have one of those cool Freelap wireless timing systems, but if you want to donate one I would get you a plaque or something. Sorry I digress, so we average the reps in order to get our final number. By the way the closest you are to 1.0 seconds the faster you are. We are awaiting our first athlete under 1.0 because thats some serious speed!

Click below to see your data for our first Fly 10 test.

Fly 10 data girls                                        Fly 10 data boys