Coed Junior Varsity Track · We don’t want runners….we want sprinters


Over 30 athletes showed up on Thursday for our pre season Track and Field Crash Course. Coach Pack and coach Ward were on hand to lead the masses as we familiarized athletes with what to expect for the upcoming season. After going through various warm up drills including ankle mobility and stiffness, coordinated skipping, and A-marches athletes progressed to wicket runs. We culminated with a “Fly 10” speed test. Fastest guy of the day was Dennis Flippin with a 1.25 average and fastest girl was Jadelynn Strasser with a 1.40 average.

The real message of the day was this. If you are trying to decide if you want to run track but are worried about “Running” here is what you need to know. We dont want runners because running is slow!!!!! We want athletes who want to be developed as sprinters because sprinting requires speed.

What we DONT do is mindless running and endless intervals and repetitions. 12x200m is NOT I repeat NOT a track and field workout for real track coaches who understand how to develop speed and power. We dont do “Conditioning” repeats and building of a “Base” to get ready.

What we DO is sprint and sprint fast. Our “Base” is “Speed” not slow running. Sprinting is a high demand neuromuscular activity and you cant get better at it if you dont do it often. If you want to run 5k’s go to Boulder and join a road running club. If you want to learn how to develop your acceleration, speed and power to become a better all around athlete then come sprint with us.