Coed Varsity Track · T&F League Leaders at the Break

With our second meet of the season completed on Friday its officially spring break! Lets pause at the break and take a look at where VP athletes rank among the league leaders. Vista Peak is in its second season as a member of the 5A/4A EMAC league. Athletes who sit in the top 8 would be in a varsity scoring position at our league championships.

But coach why are we looking at league standings so early, you ask. Don’t we have meets before that to focus on, you ask. Our team philosophy as coaches sets a focus on the championship season. Our championship season is considered three meets: #1 EMAC Championship  #2 St. Vrain Invite which is the last qualifying meet for states #3 The State Track and Field Championship. We want or athletes to focus on and be prepared to do well in May when it counts most.

Hence, this article allows our athletes to see where they stand and be inspired to focus in, work hard as individuals and as a team and shoot for higher goals. You wont know where to go if you dont know where you are!


100m R. Branch #2    M. Jones #8

200m J. Strasser #8

400m K. Scott #1   M. Thomas #8

800m A. Rivera #2

High Jump   R. Branch #1    M. Jones #3

Shot Put E. Paul #3   Ashiah Sides #6

Discus E. Paul #1

4x200m  #4

4x400m   #1


100m R. Brown #9

200m T. Thomas #17  S. Kane #25

400m T. Thomas #12

800m A. Mata #21   J. Stewart #23

Shot Put   A. Martin #14

Discus  A. Martin #19

4x100m #7

4x200m #9

4x400m #8