Coed Varsity Track · 1st Track&Field SKILL SESSION a Success

The first of 3 Wednesday introductory SKILL SESSIONS was a rousing success. The session started off with a little UNO as promised. What better way to get to know your athletes than a friendly game of cards. The game turned not so friendly very quickly as coach was hit was 2 draw fours! See now I know who and who not to trust.

The skill session commenced with an introduction to a variety of drills we do during our warm ups. First we learned a few ankle mobility activities because, “There is no such thing as shin splints at Vista Peak T&F”. Next we progressed to working on our drills. The focus while learning each drill was: POSTURE, DORSIFLEXION, & ARMS.


Nobody puked or went home dreading returning next week. Mission accomplished. They even let me break out the Coach’s Eye app and do a little video analysis of their running mechanics.

Any incoming freshman or athletes new to the team are welcome to join us Wednesday 2/21 at 3:30 for SKILL SESSION #3. Meet in the 1400’s hallway.