Bison News · VP Track&Field SKILL SESSIONS…Be Numero UNO

The 2018 Vista Peak Track & Field Season begins Monday February 26th at 3:30pm sharp! Want a early sneak peak at what the Vista Peak program is like?

Well join us on the next 3 Wednesdays, February 7th, 14th, and 21st for preseason intro sessions. We begin at 3:30pm with a fun and highly competitive(watch out coach be cheating) “Be numero UNO tournament“. The SKILL SESSION will begin at 4pm and go until 5:00pm.

“But what will be be doing at these sessions”, you ask?

#1 You will be introduced to our warm ups and the specific dynamic movements of each drill. In track and field the warm up is not “just a warmup”. Our warm-ups are specifically designed for each days workout and provide our athletes with the opportunity to stimulate specific neuromuscular system patterns (Coach be getting scientific with his track coaching game) in preparation for the latter workout.

#2 You will also get the opportunity to begin to learn the correct postures and mechanics of maximum velocity sprinting that are essential to fast running under the watchful eye of your coaches.

#3 You will do some general fitness and strength activities.

“That’s it coach”, you ask?

Yup thats it. We wont be doing any running workouts and puking into trash cans and tearing up our shins, hips and ankles running endlessly and relentlessly down the hallways. The programs that I know who do that never have good success in May when it counts. We will be doing SKILL SESSIONS because taking time in a relaxed atmosphere to learn better skills is important to what we will begin when the season officially starts.

So if you are a freshman or new to the team this is your opportunity to get to know us and have a little fun in the process. These are not mandatory and your attendance will bear no relation to your standing when the season officially begins on February 26th.

Got questions just ask coach Pack. You can find him on twitter Vista Peak Prep T&F @VPTrackandField  by email at  Or see coach Roy if you see her in the building.